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From Heather and Ed

A skilled teenager, and a warm philosopher. Both so artistically talented...

Heather is a charming, shining 16 years old who has showed an uncommon enthousiasm towards me.. it's very special when a young creature tells you she'd like to be like you when grown up.. well, I am sure she'll be better than me in any field. Not remotedly, the skill at drawning of her are better than mine were at the same age...

Heather Meli

When I saw the coloured portrait Heather Made of me I dropped jaw down. It's the most charming portrait I have ever seen of myself, and i love the fact a female made it. Thank you dear!!

Heather Meli 2

I can just state that to have whatever dedicated from Ed is a special gift. He's the Master of Illustrator, but mainly, he's an incredible person. With such deep sights on life it's a very inspiration to me.
Thank you for everything, God bless you and your family :)

Ed's greetings

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