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From Oliver and Jean-Marc

Two masters at graphic design, and two very delicious persons.
So very romantic, the both of them :)

Whenever Olli  reworks some of my works, or like in this case, a picture of mine I feel suddenly like i can have some specialness somewhere. But that's in the eye of the beholder I guess ;) Thank you dear.. I wish I had wings for real :)

Meli tribute

Those who surf my pages know I so praise Jean-Marc's art I have used his works on my pictures as background for them. In his twisting nets there is the pure power of passion.

Introit 34

I guess the thing I like the most in jrulier is the immense love he feels for his wife. Ah... It's such a joy to know there are still people who believes in eternal love :)
You shine man :)

Lux Umbra Dei

Check Oliver and Jean-Marc's sites from my link page