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From Sandra, Cassie and Shagrath

Two shimmering ladies and a burning heart young man

I am glad to have met Sandra thanx to jrulier's note.. she's a person full of skill, full of enthousiasm and full of that magic only french people can have, refined, classy, and deep. She's a cute fairy and I really like whenever we speak with one another.

Sandra's portrait of James Dean

Cassie is one of the persons I have most respect and admire for. But moreover, I love her to pieces.. she's an impressive creature, bold, wonderful, the example of loving and care... And she's also among the most talented painter I have ever seen. You sparkle, my Lady :)


Shagrath is a very passionate, young man with his heart full of all energies only 20s can have. I just wanna tell him within his souls are all the skill and chances he's in need of. Keep burning, cos there's a wonderful warmth there within you.

Shagraths portrait
isn't he beautiful?

Always realize what rules your life is the love you put in it