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Kent Live
Micke tells Kent Live feeling
Who are Ebba Gron?
Pictures of the Event

Thursday, 28th of November 2002.
Mikael realizes one of his dreams, to meet KENT after one of their gigs.

In the toolbar aside you will read and share a completely blastering, boosting, wonderful experience of our Micke and the way he went at a Kent's gig in Karlskrona, and then how he got the chance to meet the band , being with them at the after-show party.


Micke owe to this girl aside, named Sara, one of his best friend at University, the great chance of sharing time with one of his favourite ever bands.
I woudl have given out anything to be there with them, as you know, I am so fond of Kent too!!
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So now.. click on the left Toolbar and read what Micke lived!!!

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Kent are one of the most creative, refined, genius bands you could ever listen to.Their talent is so sparkling, barely I could find words to express how they are capable to make amazing music. They are among the greatest.I mean, among the greatest of all time about alternative, valuable and meaningful rock music. And their peak is always there when they sing and compose in their mother tongue. Swedish is such a wonderful, poetical language and if you don't believe me, then it's just your own loss.